7th Grade LGPE Confirmation

The details have been finalized for the 7th Grade Band's Performance at the GMEA Large Group Performance Evaluation (LGPE) on Wednesday, March 22nd. This performance is evaluated in detail and confirms the students' mastery of the state curriculum for Band. Please note the official date and release any other dates you reserved on your family calendar for this performance. The students will be gathering to leave at the end of school and should be picked up at 9:00 PM. Detailed information and itinerary below:

GROUP: Dodgen 7th Grade Band
DATE: Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017
LOCATION: McEachern High School (2400 New Macland Road Powder Springs, GA 30073)
FOOD: In addition to the student's regular lunch, students will need to bring a substantial sack snack or second lunch to eat immediately after school prior to our departure. (The GMEA Performance Evaluation schedule does not include breaks for meals after that.)
UNIFORM: Students will need to wear their official Dodgen Band uniform. (Solid black pants, black socks that are long enough so that the student's leg does not show when seated and the official white Dodgen Band Polo Shirt neatly tucked in.) Students may wear uniforms to school to eliminate the need to change if desired.

4:15 PM Report to the Band Room to change into uniform, pick up instrument / music and use the restroom.
4:20 PM Report to the Dodgen Cafeteria to eat snack / second lunch. All students must bring a substantial snack to eat prior to our departure. (There are no concessions available at McEachern HS.)
4:35 PM Load Buses at Dodgen Bus Parking Lot
4:45 PM Depart Dodgen for McEachern High School
5:45 PM Arrive at McEachern High School, unload students and instruments.
5:50 PM Take all cases to the assigned storage area.
6:05 PM Watch Floyd MS Band perform
6:25 PM Pick up instruments and music from the storage area, head to warm-up.
6:35 PM Begin Warm-up and Tuning Session in designated warm-up room.
7:15 PM Depart Warm-up for Performance Area. Students are to remain orderly and quiet while moving to the performance area. (Parent chaperones will be needed to assist.)
7:20 PM Begin Performance by the 7th Grade Band
7:35 PM Conclude Concert, move to Clinic Area
7:35 PM Begin Clinic Session with Guest Conductor
7:55 PM Begin Sightreading Session (in the same room as the clinic)
8:15 PM Conclude Sightreading, move to the storage area to pack up instruments
8:30 PM Depart McEachern High School
9:15 PM Arrive back at Dodgen. (Exact arrival time will be sent out through Remind.)

Parents, please meet your child at Dodgen at 9:15 PM. We would like to clear the campus by 9:30 PM. If the GMEA event is running behind schedule, we will send out a text message and/or email and let you know the estimated time of arrival. If you are available to attend the performance at McEachern High School, the students would greatly appreciate performing for a large, supportive audience!

A copy of this form was distributed in class. Please complete EITHER this online form or the paper form by February 16th.

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