Village of Lisle Backyard Chicken Survey
In response to a recent request from Lisle residents to keep backyard chickens, the Village Board has asked that further input from the community be solicited. A short survey has been developed and appears below in order to gather this input. The Village intends to continue the prohibition on roosters. The questions that follow are exclusively related to the keeping of hens.

This survey is solely for the residents of Lisle. Lisle residents are encouraged to respond to the questions below. Survey results will be tabulated and presented to the Village Board to assist them with policy making regarding this topic. Responses are anonymous with the opportunity to provide contact information at the end. This survey will conclude on May 31, 2018.

Backyard Chickens
Should the Village revise its zoning code to allow for backyard chickens? *
If a backyard chicken permit is required, what level of review should an application have? *
If your neighbor wanted to have chickens, would you want to be notified? *
Related to household lot sizes, if chickens were to be allowed should there be a minimum lot size required in order to have them? *
Village code allows for accessory structures, which is what a chicken enclosure would be considered. How far from the rear and side property lines should the enclosures be required to be? *
Should there be a limit on the number of chickens, and what should that be? *
If the Village were to allow backyard chickens, what would be your primary concerns, if any? *
The Village appreciates you taking the opportunity to respond to this survey. Responses are anonymous unless you elect to provide your contact information. Providing your contact information will allow the Village to follow up by providing updated information on this topic as it becomes available.
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