Let it Wag
Hello people, we are working on a for a cause. Let it Wag which helps to connect Animal Lovers in Real Time. Let it Wag is a unique initiative about which a true passionate Animal Lover would have certainly dreamt of while trying to save/help an injured/helpless stray animal in need. This platform will connect you to a relevant person/resource in real time and also help you do the following :-

For Animal Lovers & Stray Animals

Rescue Stray Animals
Find Lactating mother for unfortunate babies
Find Foster Homes
Create your local animal lover community
Raise funds for strays
Report Animal Abuse
Find a suitable Transport for Animals to help them reach nearby hospital/vet clinic
Find a Blood Donor for animals
Find/report missing animals
Find nearby vet available in real time
For Pet Owners

Find nearby pet owners
Make your own local pet community
Create Pet Events
Get Events Information
For Adoption

Find an animal for Adoption nearby
Get an animal adopted
Generate an adoption document agreement

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