EADV Course Framework
NB: Incomplete applications or applications not aligned with our guidelines will not be reviewed.

Do not hesitate to contact the EADV Education team at education@eadv.org if you require assistance to complete this form.

After your application has been confirmed valid, you will be invited to present your course to the School Committee. Your course may only be considered approved once you receive written confirmation from the Education Manager.
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The EADV follows the 5 different phases of the ADDIE model in the creation of online and classroom courses as shown below. The purpose of this is to ensure excellence in the manner medical education is delivered. The SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) will work in collaboration with the education team at the EADV on the implementation of this ADDIE process.
Before proceeding, make sure you have identified all of the points below. They are part of the Analysis phase and are essential for the Design phase.
01. Course name *
02. Course chair *
03. Chair membership number *
04. Chair phone number
Include country code (e.g. +41)
05. Location *
Venue address and country. In case of e-learning, write "online".
06. Learning objectives *
Examples: Share best clinical practices; Learn new controversial topics; Transfer theories of clinical dermatology.
07. Course outline/programme *
Orderly list with the different topics/subtopics. List time breakdown and SME/speakers per topic if this is already known. Alternatively, submit the programme by email to education@eadv.org.
08. Deliverables
Send all deliverables to education@eadv.org.
09. Medical material needs (practical courses only)
Describe the material, unitary cost and quantity.
10. Assessments / Exercises *
Question polls with the wrong and correct answers should be sent to education@eadv.org (minimum 10 questions per every hour of content)
11. Audience *
Other can be Nurses, for example.
12. SMEs / Faculty *
These are the people providing the content - list their names and email addresses. Make sure the faculty has been previously contacted and agreed on participating in this course.
13. Reviewers
The reviewers (usually, course chairs) will step in at the Evaluation phase.
14. Expected date of delivery
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