ECE Department Skills Verification Request

ECE has its own process for skills letter requests (we cannot use you/your lawyer’s letter or template).  Skills are verified based on the syllabus and faculty approval, so if a faculty does not approve a skill for a course you have listed, you will need to find another way to verify that skill, as it cannot be included in the letter.  

The entire process will take at least one week, and depending on the skills/courses requested and the time of year the letter is requested, may take up to one month.  Your patience and compliance with the below is appreciated:
• Only ECE (18-5XX and above) and CS coursework (15-6XX and above) can be verified. The only non-ECE and CS courses we can verify are: 10601, 10701, 95712, 96705, 96700, and 96834.  Skills verifications for other departments will need to go through the home department of that course.
• Please select only skills/topics listed on the syllabus when completing the form.  
• We will not provide skills for courses that received a grade of "N" for a PNP course or lower than a C.
• Keep in mind - these should be CORE skills that ALL students were taught in the class – individual projects cannot be verified.
• Writing key words is best, avoid not complete sentences (unless it is listed that way on the syllabus).
• Prerequisite skills cannot be verified for courses.
• Internships (18993 or 18994) cannot be verified. If you are requesting 18980 MS Research verification, please email a copy of your signed project form. If you do not have this, note the title of the project (as noted in Student Project Tracker) and the faculty you worked with.
• We will only provide one revision, so please make sure that your initial request lists all the skills you need.
• After we write a draft letter, we will ask you to have it reviewed by your lawyer as only one signed PDF is provided.

Please let the following advisors know if/when you have completed the form:
Pittsburgh students with last name A-I: Holly Skovira (
Pittsburgh students with last name J-Q: Monique Moreland (
Pittsburgh students with last name R-Z: Jeannette Daly (
Silicon Valley students: Brittany Bristoll (

Verification for your degree or dates of enrollment is through the Hub, see their website to request a letter with this information:

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