KnoxHMIS New User Profile
This form is to be completed by the Partner Agency Administrator to submit a new Agency User for licensed access to KnoxHMIS. This information is needed to set up a user account custom to the new user's role and responsibilities at the Partner Agency.
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Requested By *
Your name.
New User's Name *
First and last name of the new KnoxHMIS User.
New User's Personal Gender Pronouns *
New User's Primary Project at Login *
The project that this user will enter data for most frequently: the system default upon login. If the new user needs to record data for additional projects, these can be added to the user's Enter Data As (EDA) options below.
New User's Title at Agency *
Staff member's job title at Partner Agency.
New User's Email Address *
When possible, please provide the new user's *Agency* email address.
New User's Phone Number *
Format is ###-###-####
Enter Data As (EDA) access needed? *
Will the new user need to record data for projects other than their primary project?
If yes, please list the new user's EDA Project(s) here:
New User's Access Level *
Each access level in ServicePoint defines which features can be used, and which client information can be accessed. Per KnoxHMIS Policy 4.8, "Assignment of User Security Level," the Agency Administrator or Executive Director at the Partner Agency determines the desired level of access for each user. Users should be assigned the lowest access level needed to perform their duties at the Agency. See "ServicePoint Access Levels: User Roles Table" on the  Partners page of for detailed descriptions.
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