KnoxHMIS New User Profile
This form is to be completed by the Partner Agency Administrator who has identified a new Agency User who require licensed access to KnoxHMIS data. KnoxHMIS uses this information to set up a user account custom to the new user's role and responsibilities at the Partner Agency.
Name of Agency Admin Requesting Training
Your name; the person submitting profile information for the new user.
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Partner Agency (Provider) Name *
Your organization's name.
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New User's Name *
First and last name of the new KnoxHMIS User.
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New User's Email Address *
When possible, please provide the new user's *Agency* email address.
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New User's Title at Agency *
Staff member's job title at Partner Agency.
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New User's Phone Number *
Format is ###-###-####
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New User’s Program at Agency *
The common-use name for the user's agency program (may or may not be same as the user's "Primary Project at Login").
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Primary Project at Login *
Each user account is set up with one project as their "primary provider." By default, the system records all data entered to a user's primary provider. Please name the project that staff will enter data for most frequently.
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New User's Access Level *
Each access level in ServicePoint defines which features can be used, and which client information can be accessed. Per KnoxHMIS Policy 4.8, "Assignment of User Security Level," the Agency Administrator or Executive Director at the Partner Agency determines the desired level of access for each user. Users should be assigned the lowest access level needed to perform their duties at the Agency. See "ServicePoint Access Levels: User Roles Table" on the Partners page of for detailed descriptions.
Enter Data As Projects
If the new user will be allowed access to record data for projects other than their primary project, list them here. These will appear in the user's Enter Data As (EDA) mode options.
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Funding Sources
(Optional) If KnoxHMIS is needed to provide project-level, required reporting for compliance with your funding source's specifications, please name the Federal Partner Program (ex: PATH, RHY, VA).
McKinney-Vento Funding
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