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Super Paws Rescue
Please Note: Super Paws Rescue will not process incomplete applications. Please fill out the application in detail and fully fill in the application including 3 non family member references. *
Full Name *
Phone Number *
Email *
Provide 3 references that are not family members. Please provide their name phone number and how you know them. *
Address (Including City, Province) *
How long have you resided at this address? *
Name, Age and Relationship of everyone residing in your home. *
Do you have any animals in the home? *
If yes to the previous question Please Note their Type of animal, Breed, Gender, and age.
If yes to the previous question are they fixed?
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Are the animals in your home up to date on vaccines?
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What type of animals have you had experience with in the past? (Experience with animals/ pets/etc)
Please name the Vet you have used from previous or current animals as well as their phone number.
I understand Super paws rescue requires a vet check to be done
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Are there Children in the home under the age of 12?
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If yes to the previous question please list their ages.
Do you have a fully fenced backyard?
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Does your yard have access from the street?
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What typer of fence is your yard enclosed? (height, material, etc?)
What do you do for work?
During COVID what does your work schedule look like (Hours, Etc)
Prior to COVID what did your work schedule look like? (Hours etc)
Is anyone in your home at home majority of the time Retired, Work from home family members, Online schooling?
If yes to the previous question how will that change when COVID comes to an end/standstill?
Does anyone in your home smoke? If yes please select all that apply.
Does anyone in your home...? Check all that apply
Does anyone in your home have allergies or asthma
Do you Own or Rent your home?
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If Renting please provide Landlord contact information.
What is the activity level of the home (Select all that apply)
Do you entertain others at your home more than 4x a month? (Prior to COVID)
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Have you ever surrendered an animal before? Please explain if so.
Have you Fostered/Adopted previously?
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If yes to the previous question, with what rescue?
Who will be the secondary care giver if something should happen (Please include name, phone number, and address)
Who will be the primary caregiver to the dog?
Where will the animal stay if you go on vacation?
How will you ensure the dog will be able to go to the washroom if left for more than 7 hours?
What type of training methods will you use and training tools (Please include all that apply.)
Do you plan to train the dog yourself or attend a trainer? If a trainer please include their name or name of company and website.
Do you plan to use the crate? Why/ Why not?
Where will the dog stay when they are alone? Check all that apply?
How do you plan on keeping your dog exercised? Select all that apply
I agree and understand if the rescue chooses to pull the dog if we are putting the dog in harms way, neglecting the dog, if the dog is pulled after 7 days the adoption fee is considered a donation.
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Dog parks are prohibited pre and post adoption. There is a 2500.00 fine if you are caught at a dog park as that is the value of the dog. You are liable to pay this fine and if it goes to court you are liable to cover all legal fees applied. By clicking I agree you being of sound mind willingly agree to this and will pay the fine if you bring them to a dog park.
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I understand once the adoption fee is paid I have a week to change my decision, after 7 days if I choose to surrender the dog the adoption fee will be used as a donation to the rescue and I will not receive a refund the dog will come back to the rescue.
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I understand in the event that I need to surrender or re home the adopted dog it must go back through Super paws rescue. I do not have any legal rights to gift, give away, sell, surrender, abandon, or transfer ownership of the dog unless it is to Super Paws Rescue. I understand I will not be refunded unless it has been less than 7 days since the fee is sent.
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Do you feel you can handle a dog with separation anxiety? (This can include chewing baseboards, furniture, destroying crates/doors etc?)
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If yes to the above question how do you plan on managing/working on it?
Do you believe you can handle a dog reactive dog - lunging, aggression towards other dogs, bite history etc?
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If yes to the above question how do you plan on managing/working on it?
Do you believe you can handle a medical case dog? (Wheelchair, blind etc)
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If yes to the previous question is there any medical condition you cannot handle?
Is there any breed of dog you are against adopting? (please list)
If yes to the above question what is it about that breed that you do not want to adopt.
How Long have you considered adopting?
Why do you want to adopt through super paws rescue?
Why do you think now is the right time to adopt?
What size dog are you most interested in? (Choose all that apply)
If the dog gets sick do you have a game plan for them? (Savings, emergency vet, pet insurance?) If so please explain your plan!
The rescue does home checks every so often after adoption to ensure they dog is well. They are pre planned not random, is this something you agree to ?
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The rescue follows up yearly with the vet post adoption to ensure the dog is getting the proper treatment and care. Is this something you agree to?
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If you answered no to the above 2 questions, in detail explain why.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
Please give a description on your background knowledge on dogs.
Do you know what some of the foods and items that are toxic or dangerous to dogs are? Please check off all of them below that are.
Where will the dog sleep?
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Any questions you would like answered from us? (We ask so if we do not have an answer we can get one!)
Is there a specific dog that stands out to you, why?
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