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Sign up for FREE, online climate Earth Week workshops, created and taught by passionate high school students in Spring Forward, that cover a range of topics in an engaging, interactive way with games, discussions, and more! The workshops are aimed towards students age 7-13 but all ages are welcome. Earth week is all about educating each other on climate change, and we hope you will take action on climate education this Earth week by signing your child up for these free online workshops.

For more information about the workshops please visit https://www.springforwardclimate.org/april-workshops and please reach out to us at springforwardclimate@gmail.com with any questions.

And for more information about Spring Forward, visit our website: https://www.springforwardclimate.org
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Monday, April 19th: Science Behind Climate Change. Discusses the basics of climate change, the greenhouse effect, the disparities in health and climate with a map activity (6-10 years old)

Wednesday, April 21st: Climate Policy. Discusses the carbon tax, renewable energy, and the GND through a save the world activity and letter writing (9-13 years old)

Friday, April 23rd: Deforestation Activity. Learn the basics of photosynthesis, oxygen/CO2, and a preform a planting soil erosion experiment (6-11 years old)

Saturday, April 24th: Oceans Rising. Discusses glaciers melting and climate justice with a water expanding guessing game and glacier melting experiment (7-12 years old)

-> Workshops are OPEN TO ALL AGES, these are just our RECOMMENDED ages
-> All workshops run from 4PM - 5PM Eastern Standard Time (New York)
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