MYB Karma Donation Inquiry
Our Moksha community is in fact strongly commit rooted in ethics and built into our community and practice. This means, our practice thrives on 7 philosophical pillars each one rooted in the traditional teachings of yoga and ensure that everything comes from an ethically yoga foundation. Our 5th Pillar is REACH OUT and all about karma yoga, using our creativity and our sense of community to support others. We are pleased to support the good work of local non-profit groups, organizations and schools.

If you are a local charity or not-for-profit looking for donations or interested in being the beneficiary of our Karma program, first, see if you meet our 3 criteria:

1) Your charity or Not-For Profit (NFP) must be supporting the local community in Burnaby
2) You are not affiliated with any political or religious organizations
3) You are a registered charity or NFP and you are able to provide a donation receipt for tax purposes

Does that sound like you? If yes, great! Please complete this form as we'd like to understand your cause and how our donation will be used to support.

Please indicate what type donation request you wish to apply for: *
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