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What is a computer? *
State any four careers in ICT field. *
Distinguish between computer Ethics and computer integrity. *
State any three activities that should be carried out to maintain computers in a good working condition. *
Give any three ways how computers are used in schools. *
What is a a folder? *
Mention any four advantages of E-commerce. *
What are computer simulation? *
Give two advantages of using computer simulations in classroom. *
Identify the device in the image. *
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List down any four examples under text input devices. *
Give any two disadvantages and advantages of using a keyboard as an input device. *
List down any four biometric devices you know *
identify the image circled in the image. *
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What is the difference between information processing cycle and machine cycle. *
Why would you choose to use spreadsheet program over manual methods for keeping records in a retail shop *
Define the term computer laboratory? *
Mention four factors to consider when preparing a computer laboratory. *
Your school headmaster wants to setup a new computer laboratory .Explain requirements needed to setup the laboratory. *
Identify any five devices used in computer laboratory maintenance and safety. *
Suggest any five factors to be considered when buying computers. *
A computer is running too slow. Mention any five troubleshooting steps you can undertake to identify and correct the problem. *
Explain 8 functions of an operating system. *
Your comment about this holiday work and how you would like to see a computer class 2019.
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