POE6 Hunt Globe Ready Form
This form is for all Designers to verify that their numbered globe has been filled and is set for the start of the hunt.

Please make sure all your items are boxed and only your gift box and landmark for next globe are in globe contents.

Please make sure you have set to SELL CONTENTS for $0 lindens and you have set the permissions of the globe and contents.

Please be sure to use the special box provided to you, set for group members only, and place by your number on the group gift platform.

You are the most kind, generous, fun and creative people!

Thanks to you this will be the best POE ever!


What is your Store Name? *
Your answer
Who placed the globe for sale? *
Avatar name
Your answer
What is your Globe # ? (POE6 Globe #000) *
Enter 3 digit number
Your answer
Was globe set within 40 meters of the POE6 sign? *
*It is important to see the POE6 sign from Landing Point and to locate the globe within 40 meters of the sign so hunters do not become discouraged or confused. If for any reason the globe must be more than 40 meters away from the POE poster then hunt path should be used to point the way. You provided your Landing Point in the POE6 invitation form.
Did you box your gift? *
All contents must be in a box except for landmark to the next store.
What is the SLURL to where you placed your gift? *
Exact location please for inspection by POE staff. THIS WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED This is only for verification all is ready for start of hunt.
Your answer
Copy the name of the landmark in your globe *
Please paste the exact name as it is in your globe (example: POE6 globe #001 SEQUOIASTYLE) This will assure us no one is missed.
Your answer
Is the landmark OK? *
Did the landmark in your globe take you to the next store specified by name of the landmark ?
What is your hunt clue? *
Have fun with this, Be clever. but please not so complicated hunters will complain.
Your answer
Did you box your gift in the "Blogger Box" for the group platform? *
This special "PP & BB" box is set to the POE group, so only members may take contents so make sure to wear POE tag when placing on the platform.
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