Target of Edgewater, NJ: Reinstate Ayah Mansour!
Ayah Mansour worked at Target for 5 years and was a salaried Executive Manager. When she arrived to work, she was pulled aside for a meeting with her direct boss (the store director) and the HR business partner from the district. They were reading a script from corporate (Target headquarters) to terminate Ayah's employment. They stated that Ayah violated Target's social media policy, and that they had complaints from Jewish customers. Ayah, however, was doxxed and targeted online. In the meeting for Ayah's termination, they were reading off her tweets in support of Palestine and Palestinian lives. Ayah never received warning or prior notice regarding the meeting, and her direct boss was also not notified until right before the meeting. Her employment with Target was terminated.

"I had posted a video of a man wishing girls in Gaza get raped and it went viral. Because of this tweet, a twitter account posted me & my LinkedIn telling his followers to email the head of HR for target. They all mass reported me and filed fake complaints and ultimately got me fired." - Ayah Mansour

Ayah reported this incident to CAIR-NJ. By signing this petition, join us in demanding the following from Target:
  • Prompt reinstatement of Ayah's employment and title.
  • Back-pay in arrears for the time between her termination and reinstatement.
By submitting this form, you support the reinstatement of Ayah Mansour by Target with back pay and consent to include your name in a petition or letter to Target corporate administration from CAIR-NJ that may be publicized.
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