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By submitting this form, I hereby fully consent to exchangebuddy collecting, using and/or disclosing my personal data (including with third parties in or outside of Singapore) for the following purposes in compliance with the PDPA 2012:

• Handling/administrating my personal information with exchangebuddy.

I declare and warrant that for any personal data of the emergency contract disclosed by me in this application, I have, prior to disclosing such personal data to exchangebuddy, obtained the appropriate consent from the individual whose personal data is being disclosed, to permit exchangebuddy through its channels to collect, use and disclose such personal data for the purpose related to this contributor registration form.

I agree to abide by all rules and regulations for the event and declare all particulars to be true to the best of my knowledge.

I am aware that there are risks involved in the lessons, training sessions, events or activities organized by exchangebuddy (collectively “Activities”) which I may participate and I hereby discharge exchangebuddy, staff, voluntary helpers, students, agents and instructors from all claims that I may have against them which may arise as a result of my participation in the Activities.
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