Camtasia Request Form
This form is provided for PCC faculty - who teach one or more online courses - to request a Camtasia software license offered through PCC's Distance Education department:
1. For use in PCC courses online and/or
2. In support of PCC online programs and online services and/or
3. To promote PCC online programs and services and/or
4. For large or long-term online project development.

If you do not teach an online course and require an individual copy, please contact Layla Otey in IT at When you request Camtasia software from IT, please provide:
1. Your name and contact information
2. Your department’s written approval including the correct accounting code (FOAP)
3. The type of computer on which you will be installing the software (PC or Mac).

Faculty who are not fully online are invited to use the faculty production labs available on every campus. Each lab has several computers on which Camtasia is installed and knowledgeable techs to help you use the software. These locations are equipped with microphones and headsets to make your recording easy. Please contact the instructional tech specialist at your campus:

Please fill out the form completely. You will be contacted by the Distance Learning (DL) administrative assistant if something is incomplete. If everything is filled in, you will receive an email from the DL administrative assistant containing information on how to download and set up the software on your computer. If you need training for using Camtasia, contact your campus' instructional technology specialist.

Contact Information
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Department: *
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Best phone number *
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PCC Email: *
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PCC Location: *
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Account Information
The Distance Learning department will provide you with one (1) license of Camtasia Studio 8 for the term of one (1) year. The license permits up to two (2) installations of Camtasia – on your work computer and/or home computer. DL will notify you when your license nears expiration and you will be required to acknowledge your need to renew the license for an additional year.
Where do you plan to install this software? *
On what type of computer will you be installing Camtasia? *
Camtasia Project Information
Have you searched for existing media? *
How do you plan to distribute the media? *
For what course will your media be used (e.g., CIS 125D)?*
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Other information you want us to know about your project:
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Installation Terms
This completed form grants authorization to install one (1) license of Camtasia Studio for the term of one (1) year. You will be notified when your license nears expiration in order to renew the license for an additional year. If you have any questions about the licensing procedure, please contact the DL administrative assistant at 971-722-4330 or

NOTE: If this is an off-campus installation, you are on your honor to install this software on only one (1) machine that has been authorized for use by your department for the duration of your development of materials for Portland Community College. If you terminate your content development relationship with PCC, you must cease using and remove any instance of Camtasia you may have installed on any machine that is not owned by PCC.

I have reviewed the PCC copyright statement and have the correct permission for all material used for the project. *
I have read and agree to the terms of installation: *
I have read about the Accessibility Standards and will comply with the standard for creating caption video. *
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