2021 WOS Games Registration Form
Welcome to the WOS Games, an interactive event that brings together competitors from our competition series to compete in various games to celebrate the world of step and it's influences. Each participant will have the opportunity to win prizes along the way while garnering exposure via our social media platform. Are you ready to take on the challenge?
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Description of Games
Once you register for one of the games, you will receive an email confirmation with the details no later than 15 days prior to event. We ask that you do not make the games information public and if so, you will automatically be removed from the WOS International circuit indefinitely. Any questions, we will help guide you.
STEP FEUD: KNOW YOUR FACTS! We will give you a list of questions that will be asked during the game about the history of Step and its influences. We will choose from those questions randomly what we will ask. If you need assistance, you will be given a lifeline. *
BATTLE ROYALE: Compete live to be our champion. No need to wait and the winner will bypass competition week and head straight to convention. All you need is at least a 45 second piece of any style that is competing in WOS. *
STEP N' FLOW: Stepping to music. Participants be provided a list of songs that we will be choosen from. When we go live, you will go head to head, stepping to a song of our choice. The twist is, you won’t know which song we will choose until we are live. Come with your best moves & judges will pick their favorite. *
Thank You For Registering For WOS Games!
WOS Games is a week full of Virtual Entertainment Programming. Your expectation is to cross promote on social media platforms to create engagement throughout the week while maintaining sportsmanlike behavior
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