SFF Book Bonanza - Ultimate Paperback Giveaway (Dec 2019)
26 paperbacks. A book per fortnight of the year! This is the ultimate list-building giveaway, with the aim of adding 1k+ subscribers to your list.

Only 13 spots available, to ensure maximum results and reduce the likelihood of spam complaints (from readers signing up to too many newsletters at once). This is a big change from previous paperback giveaways, which allowed 50+ participants.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy authors only. No erotica, SFR or Paranormal Romance!

You may suggest a book from a well-known author. You cannot recommend your own book. The entire purpose of the promo is to get the attention of as many readers as possible. Household names and big brands will do that more effectively than lesser known indie authors. I reserve the right to choose a different book to the one you suggested, based on the overall collection of titles. The book must be available on Amazon.

Similar giveaway organisers often get the books sent to them first to take promo photos, but in order to avoid what may be two lots of insane shipping costs (and keep the cost of participation as low as possible), I will send the books directly to the winner from Amazon at the end. I will work on promo images with 3D covers, etc. See the previous giveaways for examples.

This promo will run for three months, but the exact start date will depend on when this giveaway spots fill. If you want to help the giveaway start sooner, let your author friends know about it!

You are required to send the promo details to your existing subscribers at least once per month for the duration of the promo. So, you must send it to your list at least three times. This is to ensure the maximum exposure possible and the best results for all involved. I will send reminders each month. Failure to comply with this will result in you not receiving the list at the end, nor a refund.

You are also expected to share this giveaway on social media. I will arrange social media plugs and other promo efforts, including paid ads, to help. If you work with me on those, we can get some great results, perhaps even exceeding our target (previous giveaways did very well).

Note that while the aim is for 1k+ subscribers (which is very doable), there is no guarantee of that number. Rest assured, however, that I will push this like crazy -- and I expect everyone involved to do the same.

You will receive a .csv file with the subscriber list roughly one week after the giveaway ends. Note that this is different to other SFFBB promos that get readers to sign up directly to your list (a major benefit of those smaller giveaways, which typically achieve more modest results). This giveaway will target primarily US-based readers. I will remove EU emails (based on IP address) to ensure compliance with GDPR.

Promo link: http://www.sffbookbonanza.com/ultimate-paperback-giveaway/

Cost: $50 sent by PayPal to: deanfwilson@gmail.com

Direct PP link: https://www.paypal.me/deanfwilson

If you would like to offset the PayPal fee, send $60. Write your author name and promo name in the PayPal description field to make it easier to match payment with form submission. US dollars only please.

The cost covers the price of the book, shipping, and advertising.

Make sure you add my email (deanfwilson@gmail.com) to your contacts list so you don't miss out on the promo launch details.


For more info and future promos, join the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sffpromos/
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