RETURNING Missionary Application
Thank you for applying to be a Totus Tuus Missionary for the summer of 2021! This application is for teachers wishing to return to the Diocese of Green Bay. We are excited to have you reapply. Please prayerfully consider the questions below. Please note that employment is not guaranteed just because you taught previously.

WARNING! Google forms must be completed in one sitting. We highly recommend you type long answers in another document and cut and paste them into the Google Form when you are ready to submit.

Application Deadline: Monday, March 1
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If you were to teach Totus Tuus again, what would you do differently. *
Seminarians only: List and explain all of your pastoral assignments.
Are you willing to serve as a driver for a team? *
In the Diocese of Green Bay, drivers must be 21 years of age and carry appropriate liability insurance.
If your are willing to drive, what is the make & model of your car:
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