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Hi Parents! Are you interested in socialization through a pandemic with your children? Then you have come to the right place. As an EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANT and PARENT and FOUNDER of THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE Educational Services, LLC , I understand the importance of children socializing and building friendships in group activities. This school year our children may not be able to go to physical school to socialize but it doesn't mean that they cant build meaningful relationships using learning pods.

What is a LEARNING POD? The National School Choice describes a learning pod as follows, " Based on the needs of the community it serves, a pod may gather for just 10-20 hours a week or only certain days. Families may work independently the remainder of the time...In pods, many families see an education environment where their children can learn and socialize with fewer health and safety concerns. In a recent poll of families nationwide, just 1/3 of parents said they were comfortable sending their child back to school under the present circumstances. This means there’s a lot of parents who are looking for alternative learning environments. For many, pods seem like a way to both prioritize safety and engage in much-needed in-person learning and community."

So I would like to offer our children an opportunity to join a learning pod. As parents we may tailor it to best fit the needs of the collective but it is a safe space for socialization, learning and fun!

This pod will not replace your current school curriculum, but it will be supplemental focusing on extracurricular activities as well as it may support student classroom concepts offered by your child's school.

We hope that you join us so we can make history NATIONALLY while impacting positively our children's experiences through this pandemic.

Thank you and I hope to see you soon in our learning pod!

Nashima Harvey, Ed.M
Concerned Parent and Educational Consultant
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National Learning Pod
Complete the following Registration Form. Your information supplied will be use to make the ultimate learning pod experience for you and your child.Thank you!
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How many children do you have that were virtually learning at home? Please list the first name and grade of each child who would be attending our learning pod and currently is enrolled in virtual learning.
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As a parent, was virtual learning challenging for you?
What supports did you wish you had to help with the virtual learning of your children?
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Will you be willing to contribute to the learning of other children in the pod? Our Learning Pod is a collaborative so parents will be expected to support the Learning Pod programming.
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Time frames of learning will take place after virtual school hours, and may be outdoors or online would this be an issue?
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Consistency and Participation are two key concepts to be effective in a Learning Pod. Will you be able to make sure your child has all the materials and are present to participate in the Learning Pod?
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Learning Pods need effective parental supports to make sure everyone who participates are safe. Are you willing to follow safety measures to ensure the safety of all our participants?
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Learning Pods would tentatively start the second week of school so that students learn their virtual schedule. Would this be an issue for you?
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Currently, our Learning Pod offered is a free support offered to parents. However some activities may cost parents for their students to participate. Will this be an issue for you?
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