CDP African American Caucus 2020 Presidential Survey
2020 is a big year for all of us, but most importantly for Black people! Who will we support for President
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We WILL NOT connect you with your vote or answers. Your vote is your own. The CDP African-American Caucus wants to get a pulse of who the caucus is supporting. We WILL NOT be selling or sharing this information! - CDPAAC Executive Team
Real change can happen when the right President is elected, Who are you most likely to support on March 3? *
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Why did you choose this candidate?
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What are the three most important issue facing 'African-Americans in California
Do you know that California is has the 5th Largest economy in the world yet we are number 1 in homelessness. While African Americans make up 6% of the State population we are 40% of the homeless. What do you think the potential Presidential Canidate should do about the homeless issue on day 1? *
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What should Federal and State Government do to enhance educational opportunities for African American Students? *
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More and more you see African Americans long term unemployed, many say its because of the structural racism in California, How should the next Presidential Candidate confront this issue and do you think it's really an issue? *
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What must be done on a federal level to improve economic circumstances for the African American Community in California? *
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