Marketing Campaign Questionnaire
In order to tailor up McAudience solution we kindly ask you to fill out this Questionnaire.
Soon after we review your answers we will contact you so we can together elaborate all the Campaign details.
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Take your marketing to the next level
What is your Campaign aim or goal?
Is your goal to increase sales, to increase visit to your website, to increase sales of a particular product in an online store, maybe achieve a new audience, change brand perception or achieve greater visibility of the new product?
Short description of your Campaign
Please describe your campaign in one or few sentences.
Duration of the Campaign
Is this a single campaign, a longer campaign, one or more number of campaigns, …?
Campaign time frame
When (date and time) should we post the content? When should the campaign start?
Campaign Content
Please specify what you expect the Campaign should look like: What type of content you would like the influencer to create? How long should their blog posts or videos be? What are the important points they should mention in their content? When (date and time) should they post the content? How long should the content be displayed on their social accounts/blogs? How many such posts do you require from your influencer? Etc.
Channel/platform for publishing
Instagram, FB, Youtube, …
Who do you want to talk to? Men/Women, Families/Singles, Annual income, Education, ...
EU, US, Germany, Asia, maybe just a city, …
Estimated number of people you want to reach?
Deadlines for Preview
Is there any deadline for the preview?
We need just some more information on you ...
Please fill out also section 2.
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