Request Access to SFUSD Science Core Curriculum
All teachers and friends of science within SFUSD (and ONLY SFUSD) are welcome to request access. To ensure the security of the Science Core Curriculum Teacher Edition material, you MUST be logged in using your SFUSD Google email to access the curriculum.

NOTE 1: If you are newly hired to the district and do not yet have a district email, please fill out this form using your personal Google email and forward proof of your hire to the appropriate TSAs listed below. We will temporarily add you to the google drive folders.

Please allow time for us to provide you with access to the Science Core Curriculum. You will receive a confirmation email. Once processed, you will have access to grades 6-8 science, Principles of NGSS Physics (grade 9), NGSS Physics (grades 10+), NGSS Biology. Note: Chemistry is being field tested in 2018-19 and will be implemented district wide beginning in 2019-20.

Please email the Science TSA for your grade level with any questions.

Middle School Science TSAs:
- Eric Lewis (
- Patrice Scinta (

High School Science TSAs:
- Dawn Rege (
- Katrina Rotter (
- David Barrios (

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If you are a new hire, please email the appropriate TSAs with proof of hire.
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