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Hey! I'm very happy that you're reading this as it means that you're interested in supervision, committed to continuous learning & development, and to delivering best practice for your clients.

Supervision is a safe and confidential place for you to discuss and reflect on your practice, receive feedback, question and explore the way you work with your clients, challenge yourself and learn. As a result you'll be a better coach, more aware, broaden the scope of your interventions, find or internalize your style and create effective ways forward with regards to any situations you may feel stuck with or don't know what to do.

Supervision works in groups and individually, online or in person. I offer different formats depending on where you are in your professional journey and what you are looking to get out of the supervision space. Please consider the questions below and I will then reach out to you to arrange a call or invite you to join one of the groups.

The following groups are currently on offer and take place in the first and last week of each month. All sessions are held online via Zoom (audio+video) for 90min with an added private WhatsApp support group that acts as an open line of communication between meetings. The membership fee is £80/month and I ask for a minimum commitment of 3 months to allow the group to form properly. Additional groups and slots can be arranged on demand.

[NOTE: All times stated are local time United Kingdom]

First week of the month:
  10:00am (Monday): Supervision for Supervisors group
  12:00pm (Monday): Mixed Advanced Rocket Supervision* group
  6:30pm (Monday): Advanced Supervision group (500+ hours experience)
  2:00pm (Thursday): Pro Supervision Group (1000+ hours experience)
  4:00pm (Thursday): Rocket Supervision* for ACIC students (
  8:30pm (Thursday): Existential Coaching Group
  9:30am (Friday): Advanced Supervision Group (300+ hours)
  11:30am (Friday): PLACEHOLDER

Last week of the month:
  12pm (Monday): Advanced Supervision Group (250+ hours)
  6:00pm (Monday): Integrative Practice Group (for coach-therapist and therapeutic coaches)
  10:00am (Wednesday): PLACEHOLDER
  4:00pm Wednesday): Rocket Supervision group (Beta Team)
  8:00pm (Wednesday): Supervision for coaches who work with groups (e.g. group and team coaching)
  1:00pm (Thursday): Rocket Supervision* (Gamma Team)
  4:00pm (Thursday): PLACEHOLDER
  6:30pm (Thursday): Rocket Supervision* (Alpha Team)
  10:00am (Friday): Rocket Supervision* for practitioners who are and support parents
  12:00pm (Friday): Rocket Supervision* (Coaches in Organisations)
  2:00pm (Friday): PLACEHOLDER

Groups run with a minimum of 2 members and are limited to 4 members. Please indicate your specific interests, preferences and experience on the form below so that we can find you the right group. Please note that groups may be full and that I only open groups to new members a few times per year (even if slots are available) as to minimize disruptions to the group from changing members. When you send me your answers you're being prompted to book in a short call to discuss your application and make sure we find you the best possible group. I look forward to connect and discuss how we can make supervision work for you.

With best wishes

(*Rocket Supervision is my signature approach blending elements of coaching, training, supervision, counselling and business mentoring. The idea is to serve you with whichever approach might most benefit you at the time. You can learn more at

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