Piñon Tutoring Initial Questionnaire
Please complete the following form and submit it at least 48 hours before your first tutoring session.  People under 18 years of age must have their parents or guardians complete this form.  Parents, you are welcome to ask your child for their input when completing this form.  If you are a parent seeking assistance with homeschooling, please write N/A in response to any questions that do not apply to you.
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If possible, please provide more details about what specifically needs to improve.  For example, if you selected "Math" above, what specific math concepts are areas of struggle?
What feedback has the student's teacher provided regarding what and how to improve? *
Does the student have any learning differences?  If so, please describe. *
What are the student's interests and hobbies? *
What are your/the student's goals in receiving tutoring? *
Is there any other information that you feel the tutor should know?
I agree that I am contracting Piñon Tutoring LLC by Seth A. Stambaugh to provide tutoring services for a student in the subject area(s) listed on this form for a period of time to be determined by the necessity of the student, by the tutor, or by the client.  I have read and agree to Piñon Tutoring's Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions as listed at: https://www.pinontutoring.com/privacy-policy and https://www.pinontutoring.com/terms-and-conditions.  Piñon Tutoring will not be able to offer tutoring services if you select "No." *
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Your tutor will review your questionnaire before the first tutoring session to choose appropriate assessments.  
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