FLEX Program Interest Survey
Thank you for your interest in FLEX program. Please Note: This is not a FLEX test but only a statement of interest. We will contact you when the FLEX testing gets approved. FLEX testing is open to all high school students who are born between March 15, 2003 and May 31, 2005 (students in the 11th grade who are required to complete military service are ineligible). Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey. All eligible candidates will be invited for testing.
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Family Contact Information
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14. Mobile number
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English language background
In order to participate in FLEX testing, you need to speak English well and have an academic standing of good or better.
17. Do you know English? *
18. In your opinion, what is your level of English? *
19. Have you attended any language courses? *
If you answered yes to the question #19, please indicate what is the final level of English have you completed?
English Language Level Completed
Clear selection
During the interview you will have an opportunity to answer questions in any language that you are comfortable with. Knowledge of English is not the most important assessment factor.
20. In which language, do you prefer to be interviewed for FLEX? *
21. Internet access *
Do you have Wi-Fi at home?
If you don't have a Wi-Fi at home, do you have another place where you can access internet?
Can you access internet from you mobile phone?
Will you be able to use ZOOM?
22. Do you have a disability? *
If you answered Yes to the question #22, please specify what type of disability?
23. Additional Comments or Questions:
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