Stage Host Application
As an STAGE HOST you invite the community of the BIG & GROWING- New Work-Festival to your location and create the special spirit of the festival.

Please note: The following information (except contact information) will be posted and advertised on the website and on other channels.
Email address *
🚀Motivation *
Let`s start: Why is your place ideal for the community of the BIG & GROWING - New Work-Festival?
👭👬Number of Guests *
How many guests can you welcome?
Number of Rooms *
How many rooms are available in your location? How many sessions can run in parallel?
💻Technical Equipment *
How many of your rooms offer the speakers the opportunity to show their presentation on a projector or flat screen?
🍕🍷Drinks & Food *
As a stage host, do you also donate drinks and food to your guests?
🗓Dates *
On which days do you want to make your location available to the BIG & GROWING - New Work Festival?
Timeslots *
At what timeslots do you want to make your location available?
⏰ Time *
Please tell us the specific time in which your location is available on the specified days.
Adress *
Where is your place located? Please enter your address.
Website (URL)
Please share with us the link to the website of your company/ location.
🙋Contact Person *
Please name us a person (first name, last name) we can contact regarding the organization.
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One last question: How did you find out about the BIG & GROWING - New Work Festival?
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