Vitalize - Early Access
Vitalize is building the first mobile app for clinician wellness. The app includes evidence-backed guided meditation tracks and narrative-medicine based resilience prompts. All of the app's content is tailored to the unique stressors that clinicians face in the workplace. Vitalize also offers an anonymous community mode-- a safe space for clinicians to share stories, support, and advice. Finally, customizable notifications allows for users to schedule different wellness reminders based on their schedules.

We have completed the development of our minimum viable product (MVP), and we are currently conducting beta testing. If you are a clinician (Physician, Nurse, Resident, Medical Student, Physician Assistant, Dentist, Paramedic/EMT, etc) who is interested in beta testing, please fill out this form and we will reach out to you soon! Your help will guide us in developing a final product that well complements clinician wellness.
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