Artist Application Form Atlántica/Atlantic - A digital culture exchange bridging the Atlantic with the arts
Atlántica/Atlantic is an exciting new international community arts exchange for young people and the communities in Norwich and its twin city of El Viejo, Nicaragua.

The project will be a collaboration between the Norwich-El Viejo Link , The Slow Theatre Company, and Norfolk Youth Projects. We hope that it will provide creative opportunities for organisations e.g. schools, and individuals, including artists, from both cities, as well as a legacy of ongoing dialogue.

On March 28th, we will be hosting a launch event where, by video link between our cities, we hope to share both pre-recorded/pre-made and live content. For this content, we are looking for proposals from artists of all kinds - musicians, dancers, poets, spoken word artists, actors and production artists - who would like to create and collaborate, between January and the 28th March.

For those interested in the project but unable to commit to the date, we are also welcoming content, especially video, for the Facebook page.

To support work with artists in El Viejo, we are able to offer assistance with Spanish translation. Whereas we do not at the present time have funding for commissioning, we are able to offer a £10 donation towards travel expenses per act and certainly hope to offer funding for future commissioning should the event be successful.

The deadline for responses will be Saturday 25th January 2020.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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