Youth Survey - Fall Piano 2020
This is an optional survey for students high school and younger to tell us what they think. Parents can help younger students answer.

***Parents should also fill out the parent survey at

Everybody gets a chance to offer some input if they want to. If students have different answers than parents, it's okay! Everyone should answer honestly - it's a great opportunity to have some conversations about fall planning.

We'll take a good look at all of it before making decisions. Surveys close on Monday, September 7.
What would you like to see best in piano this fall? *
Love it! I'd definitely want to do this.
Like it. I'd probably want to do this.
Okay. I might want to do this.
Don't like it. I wouldn't want to do this.
Online recitals - you record your piece or play it on Zoom
Piano lessons over the phone or Zoom
Practice challenges, earning certificates - stuff where you set a goal and try to meet it
Remote hang-outs, like a movie watch party or trivia night
Group classes over video call, where we work on rhythm, note reading, and other music stuff.
How often do you think you'd want to be at a piano activity - a lesson, a class, a hang-out? (Remember you've got school and other stuff going on!)
Clear selection
It's hard to stay on track with online learning!! What kinds of things do you think would help motivate you to practice and learn? Rank your choices, and remember - everybody learns differently, so there are no wrong answers! *
First Choice
Second Choice
Third Choice
A performance to look forward to - like knowing I was going to play in a Zoom recital in November
A reward to look forward to - a special treat for achieving a goal - maybe a prize, maybe a favorite song to play
An honor or award to look forward to - getting to a new level in a challenge or getting a certificate
If there's important information you need to know - for example - if I wanted to explain to you how an online recital is going to work - how would you rather learn about it?
Clear selection
What else would help you stay on track that we haven't thought of??
What kind of reminders or planning tools work best for you? A calendar? Getting texts? Facebook reminders? Using an app on your phone? Something you're already using for school?
Anything else we should know? Something that would be helpful for you, something that's getting in the way or causing problems, something you'd like to see, great ideas for next year? Now's your chance - speak up!
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