IOS NTTF Questionnaire
This is a form only for collecting information from contingent/Non-Tenure-Track Faculty (NTTF). If you are a current graduate student, please get in touch with our graduate student liaison, Del Maticic (; if you are currently outside of academia by virtue of alternative or no employment, or hold a TT position or the equivalent (e.g., a permanent lectureship in the UK), please feel free to contact us directly by e-mailing our webmaster, Bartolo Natoli (
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What year did you receive your PhD (or equivalent)? *
What is your currently-held academic position? (Please go by the description rather than simply your official title.) *
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What is your current academic e-mail address? (We will use this to contact you unless you request otherwise.) *
Since many NTTs move around a lot, what is a long-term e-mail address that you can be reached at if your current one stops working?
Would you prefer us to use your institutional address or your long-term address to contact you?
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Would you be interested in mentorship through the IOS?
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How can the IOS usefully support your work/career? (E.g., mentorship, networking, organizing an early career conference, etc.)
Are there any ways beyond membership that you would like to be involved in the IOS?
Anything else? (Including additional information you feel we might usefully gather for the benefit of NTT faculty.)
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