Escape Wonderland
Welcome to the Alice's Adventures In Wonderland digital escape room!

This form has been created to try and bring the unique experience of escape rooms into a virtual format for people of all ages to enjoy, in the comfort of your own home. Playing on a computer in a web browser is recommended.

You can play solo, with a friend, or with a group - it's up to you! If you are playing with multiple people, you can either all watch the same screen, or have the escape room open on separate devices and follow along with one another. Keep in mind, this particular escape room was designed for solo players, so the story and puzzles are best experienced that way.

Unlike in real escape rooms, you get to set your own time limit. Remember to have fun! Follow along with the story and feel free to take your time when solving the puzzles.

Every puzzle comes with an optional hint, which you can select to read if you feel a little stuck. If you still aren't able to progress after the hint, you can see the solution and explanation directly. We want to challenge you, but still want you to experience all the puzzles we have to offer!

Some puzzles require you to type in a specific answer. Make sure to check the (parentheses) to see what the requirements of the answer are.

The theme of this digital escape room experience is based solely on the novel Alice's Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Similarities to any other work are purely coincidental. All photos used are copyright-free and licensed for commercial use. Created by Seth Johnston for Kingston Libraries.

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