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All contract customers must sign the health history form before taking on a contract. *
I understand any contract under 12 months can not be terminated or put on hold. 12 month Contracts can be paused up to three months without any offical documents, cannot pause within the first 2 months of your contract or over the Christmas period (15 Dec - 15 Jan.) Any more than three months up to 6 months requires an official letter from your employer to state your redundancy, or a medical certificate is submitted to state you are physically incapable of attending classes. Cannot pause more than twice per yearly contract. Pausing of a contract may only be up to 3 months in total. Cancellations of 12 year contracts will not be terminated unless 50% of the remaining fee is paid upfront. I understand any missed classes will not be carried over to the following week. I understand to pause my contract I must give 8 days notice by emailing bookings@poleartistry.co.nz to request a pause on my contract. I understand Business hours for this email address is 9am-3pm Mon - Fri. *
I understand signing up for a contract means i receive a key card in which i can enter the studio 24/7. Entry into the studio out of class times is strictly for CONTRACT CUSTOMERS ONLY and is not for people who are not signed up to a contract. If you do not wish to be at the studio on your own this contract may not be suitable for you, alternatively you will need permission from the studio owner prior to entering the studio. Your request to have someone attend with you may be denied. Please understand this is a matter of health and safety. All persons entering the studio (including children) at any time must sign in the sign in book regardless of if they are on contract or not.
Social Media Posts : Several years ago due to a very small handful of students (who thought it was humorous) posting several dangerous falls without a spotter along with some poorly executed moves, we now put a ban on all videos and photography from within the studio unless approved by Sarah, we take pride in our studio and while we like to celebrate moves we are working on and achieving, we will not be responsible for anyones choices to post unsafe/untidy videos and photos from within the studio where it might appear that Pole Artistry approves of unsafe/untidy practice. Unless pre-approved please DO NOT POST. Most cases posts are approved!
I do not have an illness or medical condition which could compromise my wellbeing whilst i am at the studio on my own unsupervised.
I am responsible for myself whilst unsupervised at the studio and will not practice anything that has been advised against by my pole instructor. Pole Artistry will not be responsible for any injuries which may occur from any accidents which i may get into on my own whilst at the studio unsupervised.
I understand this contract rolls over automatically every 12 months, it is the responsibility of the client to note when their contract started and request VIA EMAIL to opt out of contract no more than 1 month prior and no less than 8 days prior.
I understand my key card is property of Pole Artistry and once my contract is terminated you will be charged a 'inactive card holding fee' every week at a rate of $20 until your key card is returned. Alternatively you can request to be charged $50 for the replacement of your key card. *
If your key card is lost during your contract you can request for a replacement at $50. *
I understand I can swap between contract options at anytime and the contract duration does not increase or start over again. Those who received early bird pricing options back in 2017 are welcome to go down to pay a lesser contract option at anytime but cannot go back up to a higher contract option at the early bird rate once they have changed to a lesser contract option. *
I am simply renewing this form, my contract started on the
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I give permission and agree payments will come out of my bank account or credit card Wednesday/Thursday for the next 12 months *
I understand that Pole Artistry uses Mindbody and Ezidebit Nz to handle all financial contract transactions. Each transaction will have a fee of $1.10 top of the amount you pay for the contract. This $1.10 does not go to Pole Artistry, but goes to Ezidebit Nz and Mindbody. *
Pole Artistry reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at anytime regarding the contract with the understanding that all customers will be given knowledge of upcoming and updated changes.
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