Turning Points Network Community Needs Survey
Turning Points Network is looking for your feedback on how we can improve our programs and services!
Which services that TPN provides are you aware of? *
How would you rate each of these services? *
Needs improvement
Don't know/Not applicable
Court advocacy
Financial empowerment
Education programming
Peer support
If you marked anything as "Needs improvement", please explain why.
What services are needed by survivors that TPN is not offering? *
What services are needed for children of survivors? *
Do you believe TPN is the best agency to provide those services? *
If you answered "No" or "Maybe/Unsure" to the previous question, who would you suggest provide those services?
Do you know if TPN's education programming is available in your school district? *
Based on what your child has said, how would you rate TPN's education programming? *
If you selected "Needs improvement", please explain why.
If an introduction for the education programming was offered for parents, would you attend? *
If bystander training to reduce violence was offered in your community, would you be interested in attending? *
Do you have any expertise you could offer to TPN? Examples: Legal, Financial, Fundraising, Counseling, or other
Please select the term that best reflects who you are. *
What do you think survivors need to know to feel safe accessing TPN services? Please check all that apply. *
If you are a survivor who has worked with or is currently working with Turning Points Network, how did you find out about our services?
If you are a community member or provider, do you find that most survivors you talk with know about Turning Points Network?
Clear selection
Do you have any suggestions on how TPN might provide more effective messaging?
Everyone who participates in the survey is eligible to enter a raffle to win a prize. If you would like to enter, please fill out the form below. Entry is completely optional. Identifying information will not be connected to your answers on this survey, and will not be used for any purposes outside of the raffle.
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