3-hour photo course "Everything to get the best photo to your album!"
A young photographer, Ardo Holts has received his photography education from Tallinn Polytechnics, and been involved with photography over 5 years on a daily basis. He's been teaching photography in several Estonian schools, but also given courses for instance at Nikon Eesti. You can take a quick look at Ardo's photo blog at http://www.blog.ardoholts.com/

Ardo has agreed to make a special fast-course on April 16th where he will talk about ISO, zoom, composition, shutter and exposure, give you the best tips on how to handle your camera effectively, how to choose the right equipment and the basics of photo editing.

NB The course's language is Estonian, the participation fee 8 € for DECC members / 15 € for non-members includes light snacks only, but the bar is open for you at any time. Sign up immidiately, since we have limited number of spaces for this event. We have considered 10 people to be the maximum number for this course.

I'll be there. Will you?

NB A non-show will immidiately raise your fee to 15 € since you're taking up place that someone else could have had.
NB In case of hard competition for the placements, we will consider an extra training. In case you will not be amongst the first 10 to sign up, please contact info@decc.ee
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