Request for Fall 2020 Mastery Learning and Grading PD series
If 12 or more members of your faculty are interested in engaging in the Mastery Learning and Grading PD series, please fill in the below questions and submit to be added to our Fall 2020 first-come, first-serve list. An MLG Coach from your local district will contact you to schedule.

Please note:

1. The Mastery Learning and Grading PD series entails a commitment to 12 hours of in-person workshops. Workshops are most effectively scheduled in 2-hour blocks approximately 3 weeks apart. We now have the capacity to facilitate online synchronous workshops, in place of the 12 hours of in-person school-site workshops, should this suit participant needs.

2. Additionally, participants are asked to complete a total of 8 hours of independent online learning (2 hours between each workshop).

3. Pending 2020-2021 budget approval, all hours beyond the contracted work day would be paid at training rate by the Division of Instruction. Participants are paid for online learning upon completion of all 8 hours.

For more information, please go to
or watch the below video.
Let's teach for Mastery! -- Sal Khan
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