Musica Sacra Audition Request
What is your name? Please do let us know if you have a preferred nickname, shortened name, or other alternative name. *
What email address may we reach you at? *
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What voice parts do you sing? *
Approximately what is your range? *
Preferred notation: the octave starting at middle C and going to the B above is C4 to B4. The octave above is 5 and the octave below is 3. As an example, a baritone range is typically G2 to G4.
What prior choral experience do you have? *
What groups have you sung with? When and for how long? Did the groups require an audition?
Have you studied voice?
If so, with whom and for how long?
Do you have any solo experience?
If so, please give details.
Do you play a musical instrument?
If so, what instrument and how long have you studied?
Do you have any experience or skills relevant to a self-managed singing group?
E.g. marketing, concert management
Anything else you'd like us to know about you?
Do you have a conflicts with any of the following concert dates for our upcoming season? *
No conflict
I have a conflict and cannot sing in this concert
I have a conflict that I may be able to move
10/26/19, 8:00 PM
11/2/19, evening concert time TBD
12/14/19, 7:00 PM
03/21/20, 8:00 pm
05/9/20, 8:00 pm
How did you find out about Musica Sacra? *
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