BASIRA Mentorship (Mentors & Mentees) Application
Welcome to the BASIRA Mentorship Program!

** Are you interested in becoming a 📚MENTEE📚? **
This involves developing a research-oriented cutting-edge project in artificial intelligence for healthcare and getting it published. The minimum requirements for application include:

1. Basic Python programming skills
2. Basic machine learning knowledge
3. Dedicate at least 6 hours per week to develop the project
4.  Implement weekly mini-tasks and attend weekly meetings
5. A zeal for learning and enthusiasm to work on brain data, machine learning and cutting-edge deep learning models
6. Good self-discipline and commitment to learn and master the basics of knowledge

Project duration: 8 weeks
Application deadline: none. You can apply any time! :)

** Are you interested in becoming a MENTOR? **

This involves co-mentoring undergraduate (or graduate) in developing innovative research projects.
If you have any skills in machine learning and deep learning you master well, you can apply as a mentor. At BASIRA lab, we also have graduate and Ph.D students as mentors.

Project duration: 8 weeks
Application deadline: you can apply at any time.

** More information about BASIRA projects **

⭐ Website:
⭐ GituHub:
⭐ YouTube Publications:
⭐ Newsletter: You can also check the 7 ITU undergrad students who got their papers accepted in class A1 conference and workshops as part of this program:

Please contact for further inquiries.

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Can Gafuroğlu's graduation project winning the Young Software Engineer of Scotland
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