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Do You Want To Have More Followers In Instagram? Follow These Tricks
Users of the social network are increasingly looking to win more followers, whether for fun, popularity or for commercial purposes. Here you will find 11 creative ideas for an attractive profile in Instagram that will serve to attract more followers to your profile and to have a better management of the social network.
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1. Profile With Emoticons

To make the profile look more attractive and pleasant, you can add emoticons to it on the Google keyboard. Touch the key where a face appears (bottom left) and then the face key.

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2. The Celebrities Can Get You More Followers

Choose an Instagram account from someone famous and follow him and let him follow several times. This will be perceived by some fans of that person, who will not hesitate to follow you.

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3. View Photos And Videos That You Have Done I Like

Sort chronologically, photos and videos. You must go to options (touching the three points in the upper right corner). You can also access Account and there by touching the publications that you liked.

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4. Resend Photos Privately To Your Followers

Go to the photo or video you want to send and touch the arrow icon below the photo. You can see a list of the followers and accounts you follow. Touch the account you want and the photo will be sent to you in a totally private way, as if you sent it through WhatsApp.

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5. Use Instagram Filters Without Publishing:

Save in the gallery these photos with the applied filters without having published them. To do this, disable the device's Internet connections (or simply turn on airplane mode), then tap the publish button and take the photo or select one from the gallery. Then apply the filters you want and publish them as if you wanted to.

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6.- Edit Publications

To change and update the profile, go to the post, touch the three points in the upper right corner and hit Edit. This is where you can change any existing information (caption, location, etc.).

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7. Remove Tags

In the profile touch the icon of the label (the publications in which we are labeled). Choose the photo and touch the three dots in the upper right corner. If you want to delete it, press Delete label. If you want this photo to disappear from the list of posts it's tagged in without deleting the tag, uncheck the Keep in "Photos you see" switch.

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8. Remove The Location Of A Publication:

If we do not want it to appear, we simply use trick number 6 for it. We tried to edit the location, but we did not write anything.

9.- Skip The Line In The Description Of A Publication Or Our Biography:

In the descriptions of the publications and the biography, Instagram does not allow to jump of line. However, if we make use of this interesting trick we can do it. It is as easy as writing the text in another application that does allow line breaks (for example, WhatsApp) and copying and paying for it.

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10. Download Publications:

By using an external application, download the photos and videos that have been published by other users.

11. Viewing Profiles While Offline:

It's easy to do I like it unintentionally in a publication, just by touching it twice. To avoid this, what we have to do is as easy as turning off the Internet connections of our device.

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