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Of Music and Mind has a new video series that highlights bands and performers who embody the art of stage presence. We use live footage and on-location interviews to show you a glimpse of what - in our minds - makes their stage presence strong or unique.

We want to know what you think about stage presence, too. Take this quick survey to let us know your thoughts. Leave your name and contact information only if you are interested in being quoted or speaking with us for future articles on the subject (otherwise, it's completely anonymous).

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Where are you from?
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What is "stage presence" to you? How do you define or explain it?
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Is stage presence important to you (as a performer / audience member)? Why?
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What band(s) have good stage presence in your opinion? Why?
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Anything else you want to say about stage presence or performance? Go for it.
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If you don't mind being directly quoted and/or contacted for further discussion, enter your name, best contact info, and anything else you want us to know about you (your band, etc.).
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