Junior High Youth Ministry Registration 2019-2020
Please fill out the following form to register your teenager/s for junior high youth ministry for the 2019-2020 school year!

Please note that bi-monthly youth ministry meetings will be changed/updated based on Katie's anticipated maternity leave approx. October through February. Registration forms for all other events October through February can be found in the packet handed out at our first meeting AND they are available on the youth ministry website. Please see each form for due dates and more information.

Please contact Katie (ksrsen@saint-albert.org) with any questions!
Thank you!
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I agree by "selecting yes" to release, indemnify and hold harmless “Junior High Youth Ministry,” the Youth & Young Adult Ministry and CYO Office, the Catholic Charities Service Corporation, Catholic Charities, and its affiliates, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cleveland Churches or Parishes, Saint Albert the Great, and any and all supervisors, drivers, volunteers, organizers or sponsors thereof, and from any and all liability for injury, medical fees, hospital bills, or doctor bills of aforesaid participant. I/we waive all claims of any kind against any or all of the organizations or persons hereinabove enumerated, including any all claims against persons transporting aforesaid participant to or from activities hereinabove named. *
Do you hereby give consent to photograph or videotape aforesaid participant and without limitation to use such photographs or videotapes and or stories in connection with youth ministry for the sole purpose of any work of Saint Albert the Great, the Youth and Young Adult Ministry and CYO Office, and I do hereby release Saint Albert the Great, the Youth and Young Adult Ministry and CYO Office from any claims whatsoever which may arise in said regard. *
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