Python telephony developer job application
100% remote opportunity to help develop, monitor, measure, and maintain a Twilio telephony and web application front end using Python, Microsoft Windows SAPI5 speech recognition, WebRTC microphone audio upload, GitLab Continuous Integration, and Docker containers. Help provide an English pronunciation tutoring system for enhancing our existing intelligibility remediation system. Compensation depends on experience; equity available.

PRINCIPALS ONLY: This job application has an interview task. Applications which do not acknowledge the task will be returned asking for it to be completed, including applications from recruiters, agencies, and representative agents.

* Development, monitoring, measurement, and maintenance of telephone and web front ends for unconstrained spoken response English fluency assessment and remediation.
* Daily teleconference and email status report.

Required skills: Python, Twilio, Javascript, Dockerfile creation and maintenance, Git, C, MSVC++, SDL. Desired skills: GitLab continious integration, PostgreSQL arrays, Google Cloud Run.

Speak Clearly, LLC is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. We base our employment decisions on merit, experience, and potential, without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, age, religion, disability, veteran status, or any other characteristic prohibited by federal, state or local law.

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Interview task for developer positions: Use the Twilio Python API and resources below to create a telephone answering application which uses Microsoft SAPI5 speech dictation (not Twilio's speech recognition) to speak back synthesized recognition results of the caller's recording followed by the cubic mean of their words' confidence scores, spoken to three significant digits. Extra credit: provide the same voice interaction in a Flask web app using the WebRTC microphone audio uploader linked below. Please do not spend more than eight hours on this task.
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