Summer Sports Registrations (Term 4)
Below are the summer sport options offered at Balmacewen Intermediate.

Registrations need to be entered by September 13th - NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Payment for all sports must be made by September 13th - Balmacewen has a no pay, no play policy.

Below is a table of when and where each sport is played so you
r child/children can make an informed choice about which sports they would like to participate in.

In most sports, parent help is desperately needed. If there is not enough parent help, some students will not be able to play their desired sport/s. Please consider offering to help coach/manage your child's sports team, it is very much appreciated! If you are thinking about offering your assistance but are not too sure what is required, please get in touch with the Teacher in Charge of the sport and they will be more than happy to talk you through it.

Further information on specific sports will be published on the Balmacewen website once registrations have closed. Please also remember that meetings are held at school during interval and lunch so it is important that students listen carefully to the notices. If the sport your child wishes to play is not included in this google form, that means registrations are done within school.

If there are any questions, please contact Bella James at
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Girls Cricket ($8)
The girls cricket competition is played on a Wednesday night at Tonga Park from 4pm-5:30pm. This competition runs for six weeks, beginning 23rd October. There is a hard ball option for those who have played before, and a soft ball option for beginners. Please note: some players may be switched around from softball to hardball from week to week, depending on numbers. Students will need to find their own way to and from Tonga Park and Balmacewen PE Gear must be worn. Cricket gear will be provided but if they have their own gear, they are welcome to bring it along. Please note: the team for the New Zealand Cricket Shield will be selected from the Wednesday night competition.
Preferably, my daughter would like to play
Futsal ($50)
Futsal is played on a Tuesday at the Edgar Centre during Term 4 and runs for eight weeks starting October 15th. Games are 30 minutes long and game times are anywhere between 4pm and 7pm. Students will need to find their own way to and from the Edgar Centre and must play in Balmacewen PE uniform. Please note: the $50 fee includes entry to the Edgar Centre. For safety, all players must wear shin pads, with any rugby or football socks covering them (no school socks). NO SHIN PADS, NO PLAY. Trials for Futsal teams will be in week 8 & 9 Term 3 during lunchtimes.
My child wishes to
I can manage my child's Futsal team
Orienteering is run through Dunedin Orienteering on a Wednesday night at varied venues and runs for five weeks. Course start times are between 5:15pm and 6pm, depending on which course your child chooses to compete in. There are courses for all levels, from beginner right through to expert and entry fees are paid on the day - Junior members are $5 and Junior non-members are $10. Venues are TB.

Please note: students must find their own way to and from venues.
Tennis ($25)
Tennis is played on a Monday night at the Logan Park Tennis Centre during Term 4 starting Monday 4th November. Students who want to play, play in a Green Ball Grade, which focuses on development and learning the game, so is ideal for beginners, Game times are 5pm to 6pm. Students will need to find their own way to and from Logan Park Tennis Centre and Balmacewen PE Uniform must be worn.
I can manage my child's Tennis team
Touch ($30)
Touch is played on a Thursday night at Kensington Oval in term 4 for 8 weeks starting October 17th. Game times are usually between 4:15pm and 5:45pm. Students need to find their own way to and from Kensington Oval and Balmacewen PE uniform must be worn. The top teams are given a Balmac Touch singlet to wear, so this is to be worn instead of PE uniform. Either sneakers or touch boots need to be worn, as bare feet are not allowed.
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I can help with my child's Touch team
Waterpolo ($30)
Waterpolo is played on a Thursday afternoon at Moana Pool, during Term 4. Game times are between 3:30pm and 6:30pm and are twenty minutes long. Students will need to find their own way to the pool and will be given a pair of Balmacewen School togs to wear over their own togs. Please note: the $30 subs do not include pool entry.
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If there is anything else we should know about, that relates to any of these winter sport options, please tell us here.
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