Winter Online Oral History Workshop November 2020
Please use this form to register for the workshop offered on Thursday November 19th, 2020. You will also be given links to pay via Venmo or PayPal to complete your registration.

** Registration Closes Tuesday November 17th **
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How do you identify? *
My workshops always prioritize space for people from marginalized identities, so please share as you feel comfortable (i.e. I am a queer, black, immigrant, cis-gendered woman)
Why are you interested in taking this workshop? i.e. What do you hope to gain? *
How much are you able to pay? *
There is no minimum (although you must pay something in order to be officially registered), and so please honestly offer what you are able to, considering: 1. My labor and work as a person who holds multiple marginalized identities 2. The identities and privileges you hold (i.e. race, gender, class, etc) and 3. The intention of investing in creating a new community healing space for queer artists of color in Mexico City, Interior5 (!)
How would you like to pay? *
If neither PayPal nor Venmo is convenient for you, please email me: Please also make sure that when you pay your name and/or email address matches what you have listed here in this form. *YOU MUST COMPLETE PAYMENT IN ORDER TO BE OFFICIALLY REGISTERED FOR THE WORKSHOP SO PLEASE MAKE YOUR PAYMENT UPON COMPLETING THIS FORM - THANK YOU!*
Is there anything you would like for me to know? I will try my best to accommodate special needs, so please be descriptive if you would like to make a specific request.
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