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Regulations and Guidelines for Use
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Requests for ICOI facility use and arrangements must be submitted no later than 14 days prior to the proposed date of use. Reservations for ICOI facilities will be taken on a first come first served basis.

Fees for rental of the various ICOI facilities are set forth on the Facility Request Form and must be paid in full to secure a reservation. The person and/or organization sponsoring the event is responsible for clean-up and any damage, loss or disturbances during the rental period.

Cancellations must be turned in to the ICOI office at least one week prior to the event.

Parking is permitted in designated areas only. Double parking or any other type of illegal, unauthorized parking is not allowed. If the parking lot is used for the event, no parking is permitted in the area in use.

Building capacities are not to be exceeded for any reason. Please refer to the Facility Request Form for maximum capacities of each room.

Barbecuing, smoking and alcohol are prohibited in the building and on the grounds (including parking lot).

Children under the age of 14 MUST be supervised by an adult at ALL times.

Decorations must not deface or damage any portion of the room. No staples, push pins, or other similar devices may be used to attach items to the walls or other surfaces.

Any kitchen equipment used by the rental groups must be cleaned and put back into the appropriate location.

All food and drinks must remain the Kitchen, the Multi-Purpose Room, or outdoors. No food and drinks are allowed in any other part of the building. Additionally, no leftover food may be left in the refrigerator.

Only areas and equipment specified in the rental agreement will be available for use for the specified time.

The facility will not be available until the start time stated on rental agreement. If time is needed for decorating, it must be included in the scheduled time on the rental agreement.

Please submit seating layout 1 week prior to the event date. About 200 chairs and 30 rectangular tables are available at ICOI.

Your event must finish prior to 9 p.m. or half an hour prior to Isha prayer time, whichever is earlier. (See www.icoi.net for prayer times.)
Interested organizations may request an event flyer to be designed by the ICOI Media Committee for a separate fee. Contact the ICOI Office for details.

All classes or small groups must be approved by the ICOI Education Committee and the Resident Scholar, and must abide by Guidelines for Instructors (please see office for separate document)

DRESS CODE: The Islamic Center of Irvine primarily serves as a place of worship. Whoever attends an event here, whether it be for worship or not, should observe dress that is modest, respectful and not revealing.

There should be one contact person who signs the form, and is present and reachable via cell phone throughout the event. This person will communicate solely with the office and no one else to minimize confusion about any issues.

"No event being held in the Main Prayer Area or the Women's Prayer Area (upstairs) will be permitted to interfere with any ICOI-scheduled time for offering a given fard (obligatory) salah (prayer) in congregation. (Prayer times are listed on a Prayer Schedule that ICOI puts out each month.) In addition, regardless of the location of the event at ICOI, the event must stop for the salah and room must be made for all congregants. (No one participating in the event has the right to turn anyone away from any of the prayers.) Also, all fard (obligatory) prayers will be led by someone appointed by ICOI. This is not at the discretion of the renter or his/her party. "

Any violations of these guidelines may result in the immediate termination of the event, at ICOI's sole discretion, with no refunds available. In addition, failure to abide by these guidelines may result in the Security Deposit not being returned.

Any request may be denied at the sole discretion of ICOI, with no explanation required.
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