Podcast: Travelling Concepts on Air
In this survey, we would like to inquire about your experiences with listening to an episode of the Travelling Concepts on Air series podcast. Your feedback will help us in improving the podcast series and will allow us to better understand the role of podcasts in our teaching. We would like to thank you in advance for your time and if you have any other questions or comments, please contact us at contestinggovernance@uu.nl.
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1. Which episode(s) have you listened to? *
2. Did you find the podcast useful in improving your understanding of that particular concept? (if you listened to more than one episode, please make a generalisation across the podcast series) *
3. Were you familiar with the idea of a ‘travelling concept’ before listening to the episode? *
4. If 'yes' to question 3, how and where?
5. What do you think of the idea of travelling concepts?
6. Were you familiar with what interdisciplinarity entails before listening to the episode? *
7. If 'yes' to question 6, in what ways did you become familiar with interdisciplinarity?
8. How did this podcast shape your ideas on what interdisciplinarity is or can be? *
9. What do you think about the use of podcast episodes in teaching? *
10. How would you compare listening to a podcast versus reading an article/book chapter for a course? *
11. Do you have any additional feedback? *
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