2017 NJICL End-of-Season Survey
12 questions in total, you'll be able to crank through this in under five minutes!
[1] In what role did you participate (select all that apply)
[2] How would you rate your overall experience with our 2017 racing season?
Best thing since round wheels.
[3] Will you be back for Season #2? (graduating seniors, please select NA)
If you answered 'No' to question [3], please explain why.
Your answer
[4] Please rate how important each aspect of the NICA experience was to you.
Pretty sweet
Out-of-this-world awesome
The races and racing experience
Team practices
My teammates, being part of an awesome team
My coaches
Other (please specify in answer to Question 11)
[5] To what extent did the NJICL live up to it’s motto: Building Strong Body, Mind and Character through Interscholastic Cycling?
Not at all
OMG totally
[6] Which social media platforms do you use?
Not at all
Rarely (1x / month)
Sometimes (1x / week)
Regularly (every day)
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