Used cooking oil survey.
Giloil Company Limited is based in Nairobi and is among the market leaders in the manufacturing of :Edible Oils, Fats and Soap. We are now pioneering in Kenya, the production of Biodiesel from Used Cooking Oils among other sustainable sources for a cleaner, greener tomorrow. We are in the midst of creating central collection points for used cooking oil from institutions such as fast food chains, hospitals, malls etc. With your assistance  YOU can help REDUCE OUR COUNTRY'S CARBON FOOTPRINT. TOGETHER we can make a difference. Below are key details about our model and strategy.

1) Building a sustainable relationship with all major stakeholders in the market to ensure commitment
2) Helping  the stakeholders to dispose of their used cooking oil in a legal, safe and cleaner manner
3) Embracing  sustainable green fuel through awareness and marketing
4) Enlightening stakeholders to stop re-using cooking oil as it can have adverse effects on one's health
5) Supporting stakeholders who participate in this by selling back fresh, quality cooking oil at a discount

Fact - Even a 1:4 Blend of Biodiesel: Diesel ratio reduces Carbon dioxide emissions by  at least 15%.

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Name of the organization that you represent
On average, how many liters of cooking oil (vegetable, olive, canola, etc.) does your company use/purchase each month?
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What type of cooking oil do you prefer?
Where do you typically buy your edible oil?
How do you normally dispose off your used cooking oil?
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How much spent cooking oil do you generate in a month? (Quantity)
How likely are you to collect your spent cooking oil into a provided container?
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What would increase the likelihood of you collecting and dropping off your used cooking oil?
Do you have a central used/waste oil collection point in your institution?
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Are you aware of the benefits of using biodiesel instead of petroleum diesel?
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For Schools and Transporters, what would increase the likelihood of you to blend some biodiesel in your buses/trucks?
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If you would like to be notified when we begin collecting oil, please leave your email address
Contact details
PO. BOX 78011-00507, Nairobi - Kenya.
Tel: +254722209550.
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