Deep Live Gathering: Your feedback
Thank you very much for having participated in the recent 'Deep Live Gathering', organised by participants in the Deep Adaptation Forum. This event has been an important and meaningful moment for us, and we hope it has been the same for you too.

We would like to know more about your overall experience of the Deep Live Gathering. As our circle will be convening similar events in the coming months, your feedback will help us better understand how to improve what we do, and what next steps to take, but also to get a sense of what (if anything) might have moved and shifted within you thanks to your participation.

So we are inviting you to answer the questions below. Your responses will be integrated within a study, carried out by DAF members and a researcher from the University of Cumbria, on how our network is functioning as a transformative learning space for its participants.

By answering any of these questions you agree that your answers can be processed, once fully anonymised, by any staff or students of the University of Cumbria, or organisers of the Deep Adaptation Forum. You agree that your data will be stored for that purpose. A free report on the findings will be shared with you and on the Forum.

As some questions require some reflection, it might take you from 15 to 30 minutes to complete this survey. Your answers will be incredibly important to this research, and to inform the work of this circle.

Thanks again. Together, let's keep enabling and embodying loving responses to our predicament.

The DAF Live Gatherings circle:
Tom, Sasha, Igor, Cat, and Dorian.
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About your participation
Do you self-identify as a participant in the Deep Adaptation Forum?
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How were you involved in this event? Please check any relevant answers.
In reflecting on your experience of the Deep Live Gathering as a whole...
What would you say happened, for you and others? Feel free to answer this question from any angle relevant to you.
Why did this happen?
What did you learn as a result?
What might have you let go of, or unlearned, as a result of this gathering?
What new life might be beginning to emerge thanks to your participation?
Has the gathering prompted you to set new goals and/or objectives for yourself in specific reference to your engagement with Deep Adaptation? If so, please tell us more.
Did the gathering leave you with any burning question that you are eager to seek an answer for? If so, please tell us more.
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