MCQ : Cell Cycle, Mitosis and Meiosis (Set-2)
16. A cell in G1 of interphase has 12 chromosomes how many chromatids will be found during metaphase two of meiosis
17. How many gametes would be formed from a genotype AaBBccDdEe
18. Which of the cyclins has essential function in S phase of cell cycle
19. Amitosis is
20.Homologous chromosome include
21.How many mitotic division must occur in a cell of the root tip to form 128 cells
22. The minimum number of meiotic division to obtain 100 pollen grains of wheat
23. The minimum no. of chiasmata in a bivalent is
24. Chromosome exhibit minimum coiling during
25. Interkinesis is a period between
26. Down syndrome is caused due to nondisjunction of chromosomes at
27. Cell cycle progression from one phase to another is primarily controlled by
28. CDK associated with S phase
29. DNA sequence responsible for chromatid separation
30. During cell cycle sister chromatids are pulled apart during
31. Among the following the most variable stage of cell cycle is
32. The Mendelian law of independent assortment is due to the arrangement of chromosome during
33. What kind of aneuploid gametes will be generated if meiotic non-disjunction occurs at first division ? (n represents the haploid number of chromosomes)
34. If cell has 46 chromosomes at the beginning of mitosis, then at anaphase there would be a total of
35. If a cell has 46 chromosomes at the beginning of meiosis, then at anaphase I there would be a total of
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