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Current time slot(s): Wednesday, October 7th, 3:00pm EDT.

“Bandersnatch” is an interactive experience, where you’ll face tough decisions roleplaying the CEO of a startup hedge fund! Based on audience vote, we will take a unique path down startup lane, as a team. Choose wisely - as 90% of startups fail - and thus, many choices may lead to… unexpected endings. Everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of your experiences. (I was inspired by the Black Mirror episode of the same name, and wanted to create a startup + hedge fund version of it.)

My background is pretty unusual: I started a hedge fund, Domeyard LP, with $1000 in savings. In 2020, Domeyard reached its peak of trading over $7 billion dollars in a day.

This session is brought to you by my company, Databento. We offer L1-L3 data, in custom batches and frequencies, at a fraction of the market price. I appreciate any and all critiques! Please feel free to sign up here: http://databento.com/

We promise to keep emails to an absolute minimum.

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