Business Portfolio Development - Clients
As part of the engaging and outreach Module for your Business Development, you will also have access to Nina's Network and Connectors. As we move forward in our discussion, you will receive an enormous value of introduction which includes:
1) Local, Statewide, National, and Global Women-Owned Business peer-network group. Hence, it will empower you to continue your entrepreneurial spirit.
2) It will also provide an opportunity for experiential learning by applying the theory that you learned and discuss today during our sessions into practical real-life scenarios.
3) Opportunities to work with another collaborator as part of Deal Flow activities through public, private, or nonprofit entities.

By signing this application, I gave the right and permission to share ONLY my business information in the deal flow business meeting with Nina's network of Toledo Business Collaborators or any other agencies that can help build, grow and sustain my business per Nina's due diligence.
**all network connectors will be FREE services or subject to further discussion with clients

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